Simplest Way to Lose Weight - The Calorie Shifting Diet

September 30, 2009
The simplest way to lose weight is to undertake a diet regimen that yields maximum fat loss while affording you the greatest degree of flexibility, a minimal effort to sustain, the greatest ease of comfort, and the shortest path to dietary re-adaptation.

The Calorie Shifting diet demonstrably meets each of the aforementioned criteria.

Yields maximum fat loss - You can reasonably expect to lose approximately 9 pounds for every 11 days of dieting. That is an average of just shy of 1 pound of weight loss each and every day.

Affording you the greatest degree of flexibility - You get to create your own customized diet, personalized and tailored to your own likes and your own appetite. The diet consists of a balanced variety of foods from all four good groups that you can select from. It also allows you the flexibility to eat as much food as you desire at every meal until you are completely satisfied, but not too full. As the diet requires you to eat four full meals every day, you have the freedom to eat those four meals in any order you choose throughout that day.

A minimal effort to sustain - The diet is easily sustained because any tendency to cheat on the diet is mitigated by the features and flexibility built into the diet itself, with the dietary options available at your disposal.

The greatest ease of comfort - You never starve on this diet. You never feel dissatisfied and have your cravings for certain food groups go unfulfilled. In fact, one of the uniquely distinguishing features of this diet is that you are required to take a mandatory 3-day break from the diet every fortnight (every 2 weeks) during which time you are allowed to eat whatever you want. This 3-day break provides the impetus to stay motivated to succeed, since this mini-reward is built into your diet as an incentive.

The shortest path to dietary re-adaptation - It is easy to adapt to this diet because you do not have to cut out any particular food groups or calorie types such as carbohydrates or breads. You do not even have to cut down on the quantity of your food either. The only adaptation required is that you must be willing to eat your meals in such a way that the calorie types are shifted from one meal to the next, over the course of each day.

Based on an assessment of the criteria above, it goes without saying that the Calorie Shifting diet is indeed, demonstrably the simplest way to lose weight.


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