Bar-Barians, Reverse Disease With Vitamin C, and Milk Nutrition

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“How Much You Pull-Up?”

That’s definitely not something you hear every day! Most guys just want to know “How much ya bench?” … and … despite what Jabba the Bench has to say, I don’t think it’s the measure of a man.

Rusty put up a really good post on the Bar-Barians, a group of guys who do all types of bodyweight training and really focus on doing a lot of work on “pull up bars”. Check it out here … and … I plan on doing the qualification amount of pulls, pushes, dips and muscle ups later this year (once I get my first powerlifting meet out of the way)

You Can Reverse Disease With Vitamin C?

Dr. Al Sears writes about how Vitamin C is good for you … how it can help reverse diseases … and how much you should take.

Yup! You can even greatly slash your risk of ever getting heart disease by stocking up on the Vitamin C!
How Good is Milk? And Milk Substitutes?

As always, my friends over at have written a great post on milk and milk substitutes covering all the pros and cons of them … and … their complete nutritional profiles.

BONUS: you get a recipe to make home-made almond milk! Can’t beat that :) Check it out now!
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Colon Cleanse - Lose the Unwanted Waste

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Did you know that unwanted wastes make up part of our total body weight?

Our bodily wastes don’t go to the toilet as we thought they would. Bits and pieces of wastes would stick to the intestinal walls and accumulate in masses. It’s gross, right?

Every time we sit on the throne, (in a more serious tone: BOWEL MOVEMENT), we are disposing of the unwanted bodily wastes from the food that we eat. As stated earlier, these wastes don’t come out completely.

What’s the harm?

Studies have shown and proven that these wastes can cause a variety of diseases, from heart diseases to cancer. These wastes have also shown effects on the body’s energy levels, metabolism and other body functions. These wastes are also known to release toxins which react differently or contradict to our body’s intake of vitamins and minerals, thereby depriving our body of these much needed sustenance.

How do I remove these wastes?

A colon cleanse therapy is needed to totally flush out these unwanted wastes. There are many ways to cleanse the colon; from flushing your body with water to simple colon cleansing products. These products are often herbal in nature; high in fiber which aids in digestion and waste management.

What happens after?

What happens after a colon cleanse therapy is wonderful. You will, as expected, have a certain amount of weight loss, an increase in energy levels, and so much more. Ridding your body of these wastes also rids your body of toxins, thereby giving your cells the ability to regenerate faster and absorb the much needed sustenance it needs from a variety of vitamins and minerals.

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Acai Berry – Beware of Fakes

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When it comes to medication, be it for any purpose of treatment, they will always have fake competitors running around.


Acai berry supplements are no exception. For those of you who don’t know, acai berry is a fruit from the Acai tree found in the forests of the Amazon. Known as the miraculous SUPERFOOD, it has numerous health benefits ranging from prevention of certain ailments to maintaining that youthful look.

What's in it?

The acai berry has powerful antioxidants which destroys free radicals that cause heart relate diseases and even cancer, aids in cell regeneration which gives skin that youthful and blooming look and it also has weight loss properties.

What for?

Most people use the acai berry supplements and extracts to aid in weight loss. Since these supplements can be bought easily, with no prescription required, at drugstores and grocery stores, a number of fake products continue to infiltrate the inventory.

How will I know if it's fake?

Determining the fakes from the authentic is hard work. Get only the trusted brands and avoid those cheap products that salesmen parade around from door to door. Chances are, they are promoting a supposed ACAI BERRY product which contains little or no acai berry extract at all. Manufacturers of these products rely on the placebo effect; that people would think that the medicine is taking effect when in fact it isn’t.

Always ask help from your local health provider or look around the Internet for the most reliable brands of acai berry products.

Though herbal in nature, it is never safe to assume that these fake products can do you no harm. These fake products might even contain dangerous ingredients that may compromise your health, so be sure to check the accompanying ingredients as well.

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Whey Protein – Weight Training Necessity

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Hitting the weights

When it comes to weight training, whether we want to lose the few excess pounds or gain enough muscle to look good walking around shirtless, some of us take it to the next level by taking in high protein supplements, whether they are amino acid capsules, creatine or your typical whey protein.

What's it for?

Whey protein, for those of you who don’t know, is a supplement which contains high amounts of protein per serving. Often served as a shake or milk drink, whey protein is helpful in building muscle mass, muscle recovery or simply to aid in gaining weight.

Though it may serve a variety of purposes, it all comes down to how you are training and what your weight goals are. However, whey protein serving advices vary. You may ask from your personal trainer to help you determine how many times you should take it in a day. Manufacturers will also have different serving suggestions such as once before working out, once after working out and sometimes before you sleep. Whatever the advice may be, make sure it helps you achieve your goals in a quicker and more efficient way.

Where can I get advice?

Professional trainers and weightlifters take in a variety of supplements to accomplish a huge figure and there can be no better people to give testament to sports nutrition products than those who use it or huge supporters of the product.
But whey protein can be a little painful in the pocket, as most products come in 14 servings or 30 servings (based on a one per day daily intake). I use whey protein 30 minutes to 1 hour after I workout since this is the peak time that muscles are recovering. I rarely take them before sleeping since muscle tends to grow when you sleep.

A piece of advice: determine your weight goals first before trying out any supplement or sports nutrition products. Continue reading the article...

Weight Loss - Society's modern challenge

Weight loss has always been society's greatest modern challenges. With diseases linked to obesity and diet, it's no surprise that people are looking into a variety of weight loss options and products to prevent certain diseases like cancer and heart related problems.

Athletes and celebrities are no exception when it comes to weight loss. Maintaining an aesthetic figure does not come easy: it comes with a variety of prices like diet, exercise routines and so on.

Healthy Weight Loss Options offers you a variety of information which would aid you in that quest to losing weight or maintaining that figure. Continue reading the article...

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