Acai Berry – Beware of Fakes

August 18, 2009
When it comes to medication, be it for any purpose of treatment, they will always have fake competitors running around.


Acai berry supplements are no exception. For those of you who don’t know, acai berry is a fruit from the Acai tree found in the forests of the Amazon. Known as the miraculous SUPERFOOD, it has numerous health benefits ranging from prevention of certain ailments to maintaining that youthful look.

What's in it?

The acai berry has powerful antioxidants which destroys free radicals that cause heart relate diseases and even cancer, aids in cell regeneration which gives skin that youthful and blooming look and it also has weight loss properties.

What for?

Most people use the acai berry supplements and extracts to aid in weight loss. Since these supplements can be bought easily, with no prescription required, at drugstores and grocery stores, a number of fake products continue to infiltrate the inventory.

How will I know if it's fake?

Determining the fakes from the authentic is hard work. Get only the trusted brands and avoid those cheap products that salesmen parade around from door to door. Chances are, they are promoting a supposed ACAI BERRY product which contains little or no acai berry extract at all. Manufacturers of these products rely on the placebo effect; that people would think that the medicine is taking effect when in fact it isn’t.

Always ask help from your local health provider or look around the Internet for the most reliable brands of acai berry products.

Though herbal in nature, it is never safe to assume that these fake products can do you no harm. These fake products might even contain dangerous ingredients that may compromise your health, so be sure to check the accompanying ingredients as well.

Stay vigilant, even when it comes to weight loss.


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