Bar-Barians, Reverse Disease With Vitamin C, and Milk Nutrition

August 27, 2009


“How Much You Pull-Up?”

That’s definitely not something you hear every day! Most guys just want to know “How much ya bench?” … and … despite what Jabba the Bench has to say, I don’t think it’s the measure of a man.

Rusty put up a really good post on the Bar-Barians, a group of guys who do all types of bodyweight training and really focus on doing a lot of work on “pull up bars”. Check it out here … and … I plan on doing the qualification amount of pulls, pushes, dips and muscle ups later this year (once I get my first powerlifting meet out of the way)

You Can Reverse Disease With Vitamin C?

Dr. Al Sears writes about how Vitamin C is good for you … how it can help reverse diseases … and how much you should take.

Yup! You can even greatly slash your risk of ever getting heart disease by stocking up on the Vitamin C!
How Good is Milk? And Milk Substitutes?

As always, my friends over at have written a great post on milk and milk substitutes covering all the pros and cons of them … and … their complete nutritional profiles.

BONUS: you get a recipe to make home-made almond milk! Can’t beat that :) Check it out now!


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