Reduce Tummy Fat, Ways to Look Slim again

September 24, 2009
Losing those last vanity pounds is always tough, especially when it’s tummy fat. Starving yourself or eating less won’t do the trick. It has to be a combination of portioned, nutritious meals along with daily exercise. Sticking to a diet and exercising can be difficult, but is necessary in order to shed those pounds!

More and more people are worrying about losing that extra tummy fat standing between them and a sculpted midriff, especially now that summer has returned. Since summer is here, along with thoughts of fitting in a bikini, people mostly think how to reduce their tummy most compared with anything else. Of course there is good news. The process can be accelerated by tummy exercises.

This is great for both men and women. I hope women who go to the gym at least give this one a try before saying it’s not for them. What you do is take a medicine ball and lift it over your head with both hands on it. Then from that overhead position, throw it against a wall as hard as you can. Stand about 8 feet away from the wall. Pick up the ball and repeat for a total of 3-5 minutes non-stop.

There are two types of fat around the midsection area. The first type is the subcutaneous fat which lies directly beneath the skin and on top of the abdominal muscles. This type of fat covers the abdominal muscles from being visible. The second type is the visceral fat which lies deeper beneath your muscles and surrounds the abdominal organs. Both fat types contribute to serious health risk factors, but visceral fat is even more dangerous as it releases more inflammatory molecules into your body. This means that performing only abs exercises WILL NOT help you much since visceral fat will not burn away

Calorie shifting will show you how to alternate the calories from the foods that you eat on a daily basis (which is custom designed for you with a diet generator provided from the program) so that way you will be able to boost your metabolism to the highest point possible. Your metabolism is elevated with calorie shifting because you are confusing your metabolic rate since your metabolism is used to a certain types of foods and certain times of the day you eat. When you alternate those things, this will cause your metabolism to elevate exceedingly. The higher your metabolism, the faster you will be able to burn fat and lose weight!

Going on and off diets is a sure fire way to fail at losing body fat. Going on and off diets is one of the major reason for yo-yo weight loss and weight gain. Every time you go off a diet back to your old habits, you invariably gain back the weight you lost, and sometimes, a little extra. For a diet to be successful, it cannot be too restrictive so that you will not have a difficult time staying on the diet.


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