Losing weight with powerful herbal solutions

September 20, 2009
How many times, either from your own personal experience, or in the wider media has there been a huge surge of excitement about the latest “breakthrough” wonder drug, that is the latest cutting edge weapon in weight loss and shifting fat? Now think how often, and how quickly such super drugs soon became shunned and fall from public grace, with a grisly array of side effects, health risks and severe allergies. Is it any wonder people have such poor opinions and attitudes towards the latest product, such products seem to be pushed ahead with seemingly little regard for their safety or effect.

For the last decade the weight loss industry has enjoyed phenomenal profits and sales, and has generated to date a grand total of 10 billion dollars. This figure causes concern as not only can a very convincing argument be put forward that more money should be dedicated to the testing of weight loss products, but also given such a high profit margin, this means that corruption and fraud are prevalent as well.

Somewhat worryingly, a large proportion of drug manufacturers are quick (too quick some would argue) to introduce their products to the open market, and so in their haste tend to completely overlook and ignore the need for stringent and prolonged testing. Whilst a basic minimum period of 5 years is currently recommended by the FDA, in worst case scenarios, some rogue companies are pushing their drugs on a daily basis. The consequences both actual and potential are nothing short of horrific. Diabetes, complications of the heart, blood pressure and ovaries have all been reported as a direct result of such poor drugs.

One major reason, why these so called "magic cures" do not actually work is because they sometimes contain chemicals which are not readily absorbed by the body over time. Initially their intercellular reactions are quite favourable, but with time, the accumulation of these chemicals in the body results in adverse symptoms. Chemicals such as Nickel, and Vanadium are needed in the body in very little amounts, some like lead, can be tolerated at very trace quantities but soon as they reach a particular threshold dizziness, headaches, malaise and eventually poisoning set in.

The criteria used to determine whether or not a drug can be competently classed as being fit for human consumption and use will require a great deal of exhaustive testing, so as to monitor the various effects on the body.

If in doubt, then the best approach is to restrict yourself to strictly natural remedies, such products completely eliminate the possibility of such drastic and harmful side effects.

In conclusion, as tempting as it maybe to make use of synthetic weight loss drugs and their ilk, such items are only a shortcut, and given the major strain they put on the major organs such as kidneys, heart and liver, it seems such a huge risk for such a little gain. Sure, weight loss and dieting in general can be tough, but with diligence and commitment, as well as perseverance and patience anyone can be the ideal weight.


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