Weight Loss – Ways & Means to Achieve Targets

September 28, 2009
Your attitude towards weight-loss is of prime importance for the effective integration of strategies. A winning formula would be to put in place achievable weight loss goals for short duration as well as for a considerable period till your goals are met. You also must incorporate a system wherein you can put an eye on the advancements made in realizing your aims and fine-tune the process as required.

Decide on achievable goals

Reasonable interval be allowed for the end result; otherwise the chances of giving up the attempt at weight loss is substantial.

Are there ways to reach sensible objectives?

- Bear it in mind that weight loss is a protracted process

Professionals in this discipline believe that a weight-loss of ten to 15 percent is feasible. As such for a person having weight of 100 lbs, the target is attained when he loses five to ten lbs.

A reasonable target should be a weekly down-turn of 500 to 1000 grams to remain fit.

How to compute

Your estimation of the requirement of time should be rational. To bring down your weight by 10 lbs, the program should be of three months’ duration.

180 days are required to attain weight loss of about twenty lbs.

This calls for a cutback in energy requirement from five hundred to One thousand everyday, which you could achieve by reducing food intake or by workouts or doing either program. 1000 grams produces about 8000 calories. As such a reduction of five hundred calories everyday will result in bringing down about 1000 grams in 15 days.

- Target for short duration

Concentrate on losing weight in phases of 2.5 lbs instead of 10 lbs to stir your enthusiasm. Your everyday target should be to traverse the day by going through a ‘less-intake-routine’. This way, you will be able to stride forward every day.

Another rationale for the gradual decrease in the sustenance of weight-loss is that it will provide you enough time to implement fresh behavioural patterns which is a requirement for weight sustenance.
Give attention to changing your behavioural pattern as this will let you reach your target effortlessly.

Take Charge

- Check on your improvement

Methodically watch your improvement by writing down your weight measure everyday. Ideally you should take your weight everyday or at regular intervals. You also need to ascertain deviations and making allowances depending on the intensity of everyday workouts you have done for reaching the goal.

- Fine-tune your activities

Maintenance of food-dairy will help you lose weight twice as much

You can bring down weight without a dietary regimen: Studies advocate ten approaches.

Weight-Loss: Recommendations of Health Consultants

- Make another study to reach the goal

In case you are unable to achieve your target, the problem could be overestimation of your goal compared to the food intake and the quantity of calories utilized.

The requirement here is for healthier alternatives of victuals to be applied to your everyday routine so that improvements take place and you will prevail.

Even after all these, if you observe increase in heaviness, alter your objective to continuance of the same weight regime instead of weight-loss. Progressive decrease in heaviness can be perceived if you continue to maintain the same weight for a period.


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