8 Ways To Drop Weight Now

October 01, 2009
In this world that we live in there are two types of people, those who can diet easily and those who get frustrated because the diet does not seem to be working. What do they do, they abandon the diet or start a different one and never see it through to the end.

There are 8 ways to drop weight now. What i mean by drop weight now is that these are very effective and results can be felt as quick as two weeks.

So here they are:

Switch to low carb and low fat foods.

Just doing this will immediatly switch off the fat makers and switch on the fat burners. Examples of low carbs are whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Simple carbs or high carbs are fast acting sugars that increase blood sugar. Then they make your blood sugar fall rapidly thus making you hungry soon afterwards.This will make you eat or binge on simple carbs again.

Start an exercise program.

And not just any exercise program.You should do exercises that work major muscles at the same time using multi joints. This will crank up the metabolism and make you start to drop weight now.

Exercise on an empty stomach.

It is best to exercise on an empty stomach. Why? Because when you walk up in the morning your carboydrates(glycogen stores) are very low so when you work out you will be using fat as fuel to power the workout.

Don't eat carbs after 6pm.

That's true. We are mostly sedentary in the evening either in bed or watching tv or at our desktops twittering etc. So it makes sense to not eat carbs at this time because it will not be burn't and will just be stored as fat.

Avoid Alcohol if you can.

I know this is a hard one to adhere to especially during festive periods. But the reality is that if you drink alcohol say goodbye to the goal to drop weight now.

Drink Plenty Of water.

Even a little dehydration will slow down the weight loss process. Thats why it is essential to drink at least 8 glasses a day. drinking water will not only make you drop weight now but it will give you energy to get through your exercise program.


What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve. What i mean by this is that if you always picture yourself as a slim person your subconscious mind will galvanate you into action to achieve that goal.

Get 8 hours sleep every night.

You need sleep. And you need at least 8hours every night. It is during sleep that you lose weight and burn fat.


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