The Scientific Way To Lose Weight

June 11, 2010
There are many products available on the Internet for the purpose of helping you to lose weight. Many different programs and diets are available and the information that they provide is basically sound. But few, if any, take a scientific approach to weight loss or "fat burning". As with everything else, knowledge is power. To know why a body puts on weight (and keeps it on) is a big advantage in the quest to lose weight.

Of course, it is important to have an active lifestyle and to have some form of regular exercise or activity (even if it's just walking) for a healthy heart and good circulation. And exercise is an important part of "staying in shape".

But one of the main reasons why we put on weight, (and it stays on) seems to have been ignored by many of the weight-loss vendors and professionals. An important part of the fat-burning process is the release of fat-burning hormones, which is controlled by the brain. There are basically 2 types of hormones, and they are released after each meal. One controls fat burning and one controls fat storage.

These hormones can be manipulated, so that more of the fat-burning hormones, and less of the fat-storage hormones are produced after each meal. To follow this plan and take advantage of these principles, you would need to eat more than 3 meals a day. Most people would be surprised to hear this - I suppose we are conditioned to believe that food is the main problem, or that it's "the enemy". But that's wrong - food is not the enemy. In fact, if the correct food is eaten, it is the main weapon that can be used in the war against overweight. The technique is known as "calorie shifting" and this is achieved by eating specific foods on certain days. The creators of this program seem to have a good understanding of how food is processed by the body and how the whole fat storage/fat burning process works.

And it is possible to see results from this system in a short space of time. After 11 days you can lose 9 pounds. It's hard to believe that such fast results are possible, but it has been proven again and again. If you have been struggling with weight loss, it could be the answer that you are looking for. There are so many people who struggle with trying to lose weight and they are basically doing the same things over and over, and hoping for a different result.

But the chances are you have not come across a weight-loss program like this one before. And one of the strong points in favour of it is, it's just so different from anything else that's available. It gets to the root of the fat-burning issue and it works. It's known as "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" and you can check it out at the Weight Loss Review site below.


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