4 Quick Ways to Lose Weight

June 09, 2010
It is possible to lose weight in a matter of weeks without fad diets or starvation. By simply following a few simple rules you can easily lose 10 pounds within the next month. The more educated you are on food types and what the food you eat is made of the sooner you will find quick ways to lose weight. In our modern, fast-paced world there are many food and drink choices that have become an integral part of our life. Often these choices are very normal to us but they will cause obesity and in some cases they may even lead to certain types of cancer. In this article we are going to look at 4 different ideas to help lose weight effectively over the next one month.

Eat Small Meals

As you work to find quick ways to lose weight you should arrange your eating habits to eat 4-5 smaller meals instead of 3 large meals a day. By planning out a series of smaller meals you can reduce hunger cravings and help to avoid overeating. These meals should consist of smaller healthy portions of starch free items and fruits and vegetables that will not only give you nutrition but they will help to detoxify your body. A piece of fruit an hour before a meal also curbs your appetite because of the natural sugars and fiber.

Drink Water

A simple but effective trick and one of our quick ways to lose weight that many people overlook is drinking water. Yes by simply increasing your water intake you can help to flush the body of harmful toxins as well as fats. This works quickly with great health benefits, plus it is easy is to drink plenty of water. Everyone has their ideas of exactly how many ounces of water you should drink in a day, but let’s be practical and say drink a bunch. Get a metal water bottle that is 24 to 30 ounces, keep it full and carry it with you all day. Set your goal to fill it up twice and you will be in good shape. If you drink water before you eat a meal this will help in two ways. One, you will feel fuller and two; you will have the added advantage improved digestion.

Cut Out the Soda!

Wow! This is one that so many people miss. Many people think that drinking diet soda or diet drinks like Snapple etc. are ok because they are diet. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of these convenient bottled drinks use high fructose corn syrup which in a lot of cases is made with mercury, caustic soda and hydrochloric acid and plays a huge role in the obesity dilemma in this country. Many soda companies have switched from real sugar to high fructose corn syrup in order to save money, but this syrup can be very detrimental to your body’s metabolism. This high fructose corn syrup alternative is slower to metabolize and quickly turns to fat. If you really want to loose weight, improve the look of your skin while being kind to your body you need to abandon the soda ASAP!

Ease into Exercise

All of us have heard that we need to exercise when it comes to losing weight and a fact that many just do not want to hear but it is critical. Exercise is one of the most effective quick ways to lose weightas it is needed to increase the body’s metabolism. If you want to exercise but don’t have the time, simply start at home. You can begin with only a few simple exercises like push ups or sit-ups. I have a tip for you. If you are an unmotivated soul, start off very slowly. First start by doing 10 sit-ups every other day. This will not necessarily give you 6-pack abs but it will introduce you to the sit-up process. Once you are comfortable with 10 sit-ups, then increase your exercise load to 15 then 20 repetitions and keep moving up from there. Keep progressing every 6-8 days. Start slowly and as time goes on if you keep it up you may find yourself doing 200 sit ups every other day. This is a great goal. This will help you to burn calories and fat while increasing your metabolism. If you stay focused you will find that exercise is one of the most effective quick ways to lose weight.


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